sintered furnace

Innovation and developing is a core spirit and value of Ankey Magnet. Since 1996 Ankey Magnet pioneered many innovations within the NdFeB industry, Such as developing Radial Ring magnet and high quality SST ‘s coating for NdFeB Magnet etc .

From Ankey Magnet established , We have Introduced advance laboratorial facilities , such as ICP,  SE Microscope, laboratorial sintered furnace etc .

An experienced, innovative and devoted R&D team has contributed greatly to Ankey. It is composed of more than 20 staff from famous Ningbo universities and International permanent magnet developer .

With its unique composition, advanced technology and self-made manufacturing equipment, Ankey Magnet has pioneered the industry with the high performance NdFeB magnets.

The independent R&D center, which is in charge of the industry supply chain from material to the application, marks a new era for Ankey Magnets.