As a China-based Neodymium Permanent magnet manufacturer which has an ISO9001, ISO14000, and TS16949 certified , we keep on introducing new technologies and developing new produts. 

Highlights of Our Sintered NdFeB Magnet

1. High consistency of the magnetic properties .

For the same batch of magnets, the deviation of the magnetic flux is less than or equal to 2%, while the deviation of the magnetic flux is less than or equal to 3% for different batch of magnets. The largest production batch is up to 3500KG per batch .  For generator magnet , one motor is a batch .

2. Low imponderability .

According to the HAST standards, the weight-loss ratio of batch products can reach to 480 hours below 2Mg/Cm2, which ensures our magnets for permanent magnet thrusters  can keep stable magnetic properties for a long time when it operate in bad environment

3. Advantage in mass production of large-size magnets .

We have unique processing techniques and modified profiling equipment, so we have absolute advantage in the mass production of large-size magnets . The weight of single rough magnet is up to 4.2Kg .

4. High reliability  .

By consulting Europea experiment methods , the service life of Ankey low imponderability magnet for Permanent Magnet Thrusters and high reliability coating magnet is verified to be 20 years . The average attenuation ratio is 1.54% and maximum attenuation ratio is 1.96% .

5. Developed Split (layer) magnet  .

with strong experience of epoxy adhesive ,we can assembly and bond the complete set of products, like Split (layer) magnet , as well as providing technical service . Besides, we have bulit standard production line and assembly line of assembly components, thereby meeting customer’s different design requirements

6.  Strong technical support  .

we have a professional research and development team, who can provide overall technical services . Considering the application features of tidal energy generator , we actively develop higher level magnets, by cooperating with overseas specialists , and research and development organizations. So as to satisfy the demand of worse environment. Meanwhile , we can offer customers overall technical exchange and services from the delivery of goods to the assembly of goods .

Our company is located in Ningbo City., which is one of biggest magnetic materials manufacturing and post processing cities in the world and has convenient transportation offered by the nearby international airport and seaport . So could delived your order Soon .

If you do not find your desired products with us , please tell us . Our design team and customer services specialist will help you to find the best solution for your sepcific application .

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