As a China-based Sintered Rare Earth magnet manufacturer which has an ISO9001, ISO14000, and TS16949 certified , We provides our product with high stable quality, moderate price and fast delivery time .

Highlights of Our Sintered Rare Earth Magnet

1. Our MRI Magnets mainly apply to the developing rare earth magnet MRI of low Magnetic field .

2. Had Mass product higher magnetic grade ,such as N42, N45 , N48, N50, N52, N50M , N48H Etc .

3. The unique magnet gluing technology ensures the bond strength .

4. We have accumulated much production experience of mare than 150sets of MRI Magnet .

5. The large-scale production effectively lowers our production costs .

6.  The specialized processing equipment developed by our company  guarantees the precision of our magnets .

Our company is located in Ningbo City, an important port city of china, this superior position provides us with convenient sea, air , and land transportations,  which not only greatly lowers our transportation fees, thus reducing our production costs, but also save the shipping charge and fast delivery to our customers . 

If you are looking for high quality and low priced Rare Earth neodymium magnet, please contact us at any time and we will reponse your inquiry within 24 hours .

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