How to Transport Permanent Magnets

Permanent Magnet is a special kind of product. How the magnets are transported and what need to notice in transit? Please pay attention to two main kinds of problems during the transportation of magnets:
1. How to protect the magnets
2. How to prevent the damage produced by the magnetic field to the surrounding environment and people

Firstly, please make sure the storage environment for rare earth neodymium magnets in transportation is dry. If the humidity is high, it is easy to cause magnets rusting. Some anti rust oil can be used on the surface of the magnets or plating processing is a good way to prevent the magnet going rusting. For uncoated magnets, vacuum packing should be used to prevent corrosion.

In addition, the temperature in transit must not be too high. Generally, the neodymium permanent magnets have demagnetization problem under the temperature above 80 degrees. So please try to keep it at room temperature in transportation process. Secondly, in order to prevent damage caused by the collision between magnets in the course of carriage, it is better to use spacers or wooden board between the magnets. In transportation process, the operators should handle the magnets gently, preventing fierce knock against.

Next question is about how to solve the impact of the magnetic field to the environment. First of all, please try not to transport magnets and the items that are sensitive to magnetic field such as the computer, watch and so on together. The simplest method to shield the magnetic field of magnet is to use iron sheet around the magnets, or with carbon steel. And then please arrange the magnets to make its internal magnetism to form a good magnetic circuit. The maglev train and airplane is right choice of the means of transport. However, the transportation cost will be higher. Moreover, the requirements on magnetic shielding will be much stricter if strong permanent magnets like neodymium magnets , or SmCo rare earth magnets, or ferrite magnets are transported by air. Commonly, airlines only arrange shipment after the magnets passing the magnetism inspection.