How to improve glue’s adhesive with magnet

Adhesives for Securing Magnets

Once you have selected the correct coatings for your application, you can decide how to secure your magnet to a non-magnetic surface. We recommend using quality adhesives to do so.

Prior to using adhesive, it is important to ensure you are working with the cleanest, most grease-free surface possible.

Closeup view during the opening of the glue tube.

Araldite Rapid Adhesive

This reliable, fast-bonding adhesive is used on air crafts, in building bridges, and to assemble cars. It is a true professional adhesive that will bond virtually anything.

Locktite Industrial Strength Adhesive

This well-known brand name offers high performance adhesives that can help you address basically every bonding situation. It provides superior strength when bonding magnetic and non-magnetic materials, regardless of coatings.

Get Personalized Advice on Magnetic Coatings or Adhesives

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