How to Choose the Best Magnet Vendor

You know the right type of magnet for your application, and now all you have to do is find the right vendor to strike up a relationship with.

After all, lots of vendors can supply the right part, but few can supply the right part as well as the right combination of:

The reason Ankey Magnets has stuck around so long is because we make sure to focus on each of these criteria just as much as the magnet itself.

The right solution
We’re the right solution for your business because we offer everything from standard, on-the-shelf magnets to fully integrated magnetic designs.

We offer a distinct advantage to our customers. Rather than just taking your order, we ask questions about the application and potential magnets you’re interested in. It allows us to provide valuable insight before you commit to a purchase.

Sometimes this means we recommend a change in design or material. Sometimes we  just affirm you’re on the right track.

Often we encounter applications similar to some we worked with in the past, and we can draw on that experience to smooth out your process, mitigating risk and improving production and customer satisfaction.

Price, quality, delivery
Price, delivery and quality all play into your decision to work with us.

Our in-house capacity (a complete manufacturing facility and long term relationships with many customers are clear signs we live up to our reputation.

Since 1995 , we have a track record of meeting high volume, cost-friendly solutions for customers in a range of industries.

That isn’t to say we’re always the lowest price, but the lowest price is sometimes also the lowest overall quality. And low quality can cost you extra in the long run, whether through missed deadlines, lost opportunities or lax performance standards.

Rather than focus on the lowest price, we want to find the best balance between price, quality, delivery and service. It’s the best overall value we want to provide.

So yes, come to us to for magnet:

But also come to us for the quality, service, delivery and price (perhaps in that order). Choosing the right vendor is just as important as finding the right magnet itself.