NdFeB magnet also known as Neodymium magnet, Neo magnet, Neodym magnet, or rare earth magnet), It is a strongest commercial permanent magnet which made from an alloy of neodymium ,iron, boron ,copper, aluminum etc . In virtue of their light weight , high magnetic strength ,the consistency of their magnetization and workability shape , NdFeB magnet have become a popular choice for a wide variety of applications, such as servo motor , gearless traction machines, permanent magnet synchronous motor , loudspeakers, permanent magnet synchronous generator , wheel motor etc .
After ten years strive and equipped with advanced production machines and testing machines, Our NdFeB magnet has bellows properties:

  1. Higher Magnetic performance

Our company has continuous mass production Of N52, N50M, 48H, 45SH, 40UH,40EH etc , But our technical engineer has not stop to develop new method for improved magnetic properties

2.  Higher Uniformity

Through scientific technological regulations, we strictly manage the Br, Hcj, (BH)max and other magnetic property parameters of the magnets that are produced continuously, which ultimately ensure the high uniformity of our products’ performance.

3.   Higher anti-corrosion

We use PCT to do the 480 hours (20 days) under the conditions of coating, 120centigrade’s high temperature, 2.2bar’s high pressure and 100%’s high humidity, the result is the surface of magnet without any yellow macula

4. Higher adhesive force

Glue magnet’s adhesive force  are one of the key indexes to when choose the NdFeB magnet for motor and generator and electron market . We have introduce free surface energy > 60mN/M

5. Higher dimensional accuracy

Has established sophisticated production lines to meet the clients need for customization and capable of producing Higher dimensional accuracy. Best tolerance is +-/0.02MM and flatness is lower than 0.02MM .

6.  Lower weight lost

We use HAST to do the 480 hours aging experiment under the conditions of non-coating, high temperature, high pressure and high humidity, the level of the loss weight can reach below 0.8 mg/cm2.

7.  Lower magnetic attenuation

The magnet’s irreversible loss of flux is also very important thing need to consideration when your choose the magnet. we test the magnet At 120 X 5 hours situation of different batch magnet to repeat do on condition that high temperature to do demagnetize test .

8.  Lower rare dysprosium used

In response to high prices and supply risks for dysprosium , our technical engineer has developed new magnet which used without any dysprosium for below N35-N52, N35M-N48M,N35H-N48H N33SH-N40SH magnet and used less dysprosium for 35EH .